1946 Founder, Tokuzo Isobe, established Isobe Shoten, a wholesale company, to manufacture rubber cloth products such as baby diaper covers, rucksacks, shoe bags, and other school products. Established Isobe Shoten
Established Isobe Shoten
1970 Started manufacturing and selling new breathable baby pants and adult diaper covers which later became known as “Kaigo” diaper covers.  Started manufacturing baby diaper covers
Started manufacturing baby diaper covers
1972 Became the top domestic seller of swimming caps and the recommended swimming caps by the Japan Swimming Federation. Started exporting Footmark products to the U.S.A. and Canada. 1969
Launched nationwide sales of swimming caps.
1969 Launched nationwide sales of swimming caps.
1975 Launched multiple lines of swimming products such as swimsuits and goggles.
1980 Developed adult diaper covers, sleeping wears and meal aprons to assist care facilities, hospitals, and home nursing care.
1984 Trademark registration of the word “Kaigo” was made.The word “Kaigo” has since become the word used in the Japanese language for “nursing care”. Kaigo Diaper Covers and Kaigo Sleeping Wear were named using the word “Kaigo”.
1986 Started production and sales of swimming products for Masters swimmers.
1995 Expanded sales to leisure facilities with swimming pools, public swimming pools, hot springs and spa facilities.
1998 Started Designing, manufacturing and selling a new line of water and healthcare products called “uki-uki Swimsuits” and “Aqua-Suits”. “Aqua-Suits” was designed to capture the needs of middle aged and senior swimmers
“Aqua-Suits” was designed to capture the needs of middle aged and senior swimmers
2000 Opened a custom-made swimsuit shop in Ryogoku called “ukiuki Aqua Health Square” and swimsuit rental shop called “ukiuki Aqua Health Square” in Hakone.
2001 Designed, manufactured and sold the world’s first small sized “Water Flowing Swimming Pool” (2 meters ×5 meters, Depth: 1 meter). Small Sized Water Flowing Swimming Pool
Small Sized Water Flowing Swimming Pool
2002 Joint research with Tokyo University resulted in the development of our men’s underwear “Feel Aligner”. Development and sales of “Indoor Wear” with designers at Kurai Muki. Feel Aligner
Feel Aligner
2004 Opened our online shop “Ukiuki-Ya”
2006 Started sales of indoor wear, comfort wear, and meal aprons in our new “aging fan” series for elderlies. Ukiuki shirt apron
Ukiuki shirt apron" that can be worn like clothes
2010 Exclusive Import and Sales Contract is signed with Italian competitive swimsuit maker “Jaked” and entered the competitive swimsuit market. 「Jaked」
Smile Swim Series
Smile Swim Series
2011 Sponsorship contract is signed by Jaked brand and swimmer Rie Kaneto.
2012 Swimsuits with added buoyancy called “Freestyle 25” is developed. Freestyle 25
Freestyle 25
2013 “Footmark Gallery” is selected and registered at the local Sumida City’s “Small Museum” as a maker of excellent products. Footmark Gallery
Footmark Gallery
2016 Celebrated Footmark’s 70th anniversary. 70th Anniversary Logo
70th Anniversary Logo
2017 Established a local sales subsidiary in Cambodia.
Launched “RAKUSAKU” schoolbags. RAKUSAKU has a structure to disperse weight, making it feel lighter to carry school books.
2018 Affiliation contract was signed with swimmer Mayuko Goto and our competitive swimsuit brand “Jaked”. Launched “Table with” line for active seniors.
2019 Launched “FOOTMARK NATURAL” clothing line for families enjoying water activities. 50th anniversary of selling school swimming caps.
2020 Launched health and hygiene products, including facemasks. The development of “FOOTMARK BASEWEAR” allowed users to recognize the ideal and beautiful way to move one’s body.
Developed schoolbag brand called the “RAKUSACK JUNIOR” for elementary school children.
2021 Developed whistle cover and recorder cover for school use to prevent infections from droplets.