Company Outline

Company name Footmark Corporation
Location 2-7-12, Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0021
Date established 1946
Date founded April 28,1950
Capital 85 million yen
Main distribution retailers About 500 stores nationwide
Material suppliers About 100 companies
Subcontract factories Nara, Korea, China, Taiwan,Vietnam,Cambodia
Number of employees 56 (Women 21, Men 35)
Business activities Planning, production and sales of :
  • School swimming / physical education supplies
  • General swimming supplies for pool and water play
  • Nursing care supplies, “KENKO-KAIGO” supplies (which makes nursing care comfortable and safe), and maternity supplies
  • General wear for healther mind and body
  • Health and hygiene products such as cloth masks
Directors Managing Director:Kaoru Sanbe
Senior Managing Director: Norifumi Isobe
Chairman: Shigefumi Isobe
Director: Tomoya Kobayashi
Director: Yasushi Fukuchi
Offices Head Office (Tokyo, Japan)
E-Commerce “Footmark Online Shop”
Accounting date August 20
Divisional Management Organization

School Education Division

Development and Sales of school swimming, sports equipment, RAKUSACK

Sports-1 Division

Development and sales of swimming products includes NIKE Swim

Sports-2 Division

Development and sales of sports equipment specialised in swimming

“KENKO-KAIGO” Division

Development and sales of nursing care and health products for energeticsenior market

E-commerce Division

Management of Footmark Official Online Shop

Health and Hygiene Division

Development and sales of hygiene and daily care products includes masks

Lifestyle Division

Development and sales of outdoor products includes Footmark Natural brand

Customer Service Division

Supports various offers to company as a whole

Production Division

Domestic production team / overseas production team / pattern room Responsible for company-wide manufacturing, optimal production and quality control in Japan and overseas

Footmark Cambodia Corporation

Expansion of overseas production capacity and stable supply

Footmark International Corporation

Market development in Southeast Asia

Quality & Safety Division

Maintenance and improvement of product quality, product standards control

Public Relations Division

Information dissemination both inside and outside the company Product promotion, running a small museum

Distribution Service Division

Management of products shipment andquality control

Business Management Division

Management of accounting, general affairs, human resources

IT Promotion Division

Improvement of company business by utilizing IT

Presidential Mission Division

Creation, improvement, and planning in regard to important company matters



Head Office (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
2-7-12, Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo