We create a new step

FOOTMARK began as a manufacturer of baby diaper cover in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, in 1946.
In the 1970s, we shifted the business to development, production and sales of school swimming caps, and today we are a leading provider of the swimming caps and swimwear for school children in Japan.
In the 1980s, we started to develop nursing care products as a new business category ahead of other companies, and we invented the Japanese word “Kaigo,” which means nursing care.
In 2002, we developed “Feel Aligner” clothing series in collaboration with a university in Japan. The “Feel Aligner” are body and mind education series which help people to be aware of proper posture. We are currently expanding our sports innerwear business.

Our business concept is “customer first”. Since our establishment, we have been creating products to aid health.

We believe that the reason why we were able to create many new products was because we listened to our customers’ individual feedbacks. Although there were countless mistakes along the way, we maintained our “dare to challenge” attitude and this has become the spirit and foundation of Footmark.

We will continue to move forward to seek something new.
The goal of our business is to promote health, work together, and achieve comfortable nursing care together.