Business Area


Swimming Products

Footmark designs, manufacture and sells swimming products (swimsuits, swimming caps, goggles, and bags) for various age groups.
Jaked is our competitive swimsuit brand and NIKE brand is for the fitness markets for the younger generation.

  • Swimsuits
    Swimming Caps
    School Swimsuits
  • Swimming Goggles
    Competitive Swimsuits
    Swimming Bags and Towels
  • Swimsuits For Babies And Toddlers, Maternity Swimsuits
    UV Protective Products, etc.

School Products

Bright and fun school life!
"School Swimsuits, Gym Hats, and Schoolbags"
We have countless range of school swimsuits, physical education hats, and schoolbags that our customers around Japan have been using.

  • Schoolbags
    UV Protection Products
    Physical Education Products
  • Disaster Prevention Products
    School Swimming
  • Hygiene Products
    Swimming Caps

Nursing Care Products

We design, manufacture, and sell nursing care meal aprons, bed sheets, bathing products, and bags for healthcare workers. We consider the needs of the care-receivers and the caregivers.

  • Meal Adult Aprons
    Indoor Hats
    Light Urinary Incontinence Pants
  • Nursing Care Bathing Supplies
    Bed Sheets
  • Adult Diaper Covers
    Facemasks, Hygiene Products

Healthcare Products

We develop, manufacture and sell underwear lines for daily use, facemasks, recorders and whistle covers to prevent droplet infections.

  • Functional Underwear
    Infection Prevention Facemasks
  • Infection Prevention Cover for Recorders, Whistles, and Others

Outdoor Products

The brand’s bag and clothing lines can be used for both water and outdoor activities. Target customers are families enjoying leisure activities.
We create innovative and creative products with multiple functions.

  • Men’s Clothing
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Kids’ Clothing
  • Accessories