Company Outline

Company Outline

Company name Footmark Corporation
Location 2-7-12, Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0021
Start of business 1946
Establishment April 28, 1950
Capital 85 million yen
Main distribution outlets About 500 stores nationwide
Raw material suppliers About 100 companies
Cooperative factories Nara, Korea, China, Taiwan,Vietnam,Cambodia
Number of employees 58 persons (24 women , 34 men)
Business activities
  • Planning, production and sale of school swimming/physical education supplies
  • Planning, production and sale of general swimming supplies, pool equipment and water play equipment
  • Planning, production and sale of nursing care supplies, supplies to make nursing care more comfortable, and maternity suppliess
  • Planning, production and sale of “mind and body education wear” to promote better health
Directors Managing Director:Kaoru Sanbe
Senior Managing Director: Norifumi Isobe
Chairman: Shigefumi Isobe
Director: Yu Takeuchi
Offices Head Office (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
Internet shop “Ukiuki-ya”
Accounting date August 20


Head Office (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

2-7-12, Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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