Divisional Management Organization

Divisional Management Organization

School Sales Division

School Sales Division
Sale of goods for the school swimming market

Wellness Sales Division

Sale of goods for the adult swimming market

Customer Service Team

Receipt of orders for swimming goods, and in-house administration

Swimming Development Team

Development of swimming supplies, water- and play-equipment.

Swimming Manufacturing Division

Production and quality control for domestic and overseas operations

Overseas Operations Division

Overseas Operations Division

Development of Korean and Chinese markets

Health Operations Division

Feel Aligner Division

Production and sale of sports innerwear and products based on alignment theory

Healthcare Division

Production and sale of nursing care supplies and health supplies

Healthcare Development Team

Development of new health-related products

“Ukiuki Aqua Kenko-Hiroba” Hakone store, in the Hakone Yunessun resort

Management of store in the Hakone Yunessun resort

Internet shop, Ukiuki-ya

Internet shop for swimming supplies

Quality & Safety Division

Maintenance and improvement of product quality, product standards control

Pattern Room

Pattern making for the whole companyn

Public Relations Division

Information dissemination both inside and outside the company

Physical Distribution Service Division

Control, shipping and receiving of products, quality control

Business Management Division

Management accounting, general affairs, human resources

Presidential Mission Division

Creation, improvement, and planning in regard to important company matters

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